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The Simon & Garfunkel Story

The Simon & Garfunkel Story

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The Simon & Garfunkel Story Beschrijving

Continuing its acclaimed run in London’s West End, The Simon & Garfunkel Story has announced a further 6 performances at the Lyric Theatre for 2019. Having sold out major venues from Sydney to Seattle, this production will take you through the story of Simon & Garfunkel’s incredible career.

Led by Adam Dickinson and Kingsley Judd, a full live band and brass ensemble will rekindle all the duo’s classic hits including: Mrs Robinson, Cecilia, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Homeward Bound, The Sound of Silence and many more.

The Simon & Garfunkel Story not only tells the tale of the legendary musicians, but relives their journey within a time capsule of contemporary newsreels, adverts and film footage taking you right back to the 1960s.